Nutty but Nice: Cinnamon glazed hot roasted nuts.

about pic 01The secret of our success is that "Nutty But Nice" is a complete turnkey package. At its heart is the unique copper kettle cooking appliance, which has been incorporated into a cleverly designed eye catching mobile/static kiosk. All this adds up to an end product which is delicious and irresistible.

Mobile/Static Kiosk

The eye catching design of the “Nutty But Nice” sales kiosk and the terrific aroma wafting under the noses of the passers by will be enough to get the crowds flocking, giving great aromatic and visual theatre for the customers.

Converting from a mobile unit into a static sales kiosk in minutes, the kiosk is perfect for all indoor and outdoor events and venues.

Cooking Appliance
The success of “Nutty But Nice” is based on the versatility of the unique copper kettle-cooking appliance.about pic 02

The idea behind the concept is that we cook and glaze different varieties of nuts including pecan, almond, hazelnut, cashew and peanuts in our copper kettle. This gives off an aroma of cinnamon and vanilla, which is delicious and stimulates all the senses. We encourage potential customers to watch us cook them, which is intriguing enough and shortly after taste the hot nuts. 

We are certified by our local Environmental Health Department and are registered for Product and Public Liability Insurance.



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